Ceiling Wall Insulation Installation Geelong

    Ceiling insulation is a great place to start when improving the comfort and energy rating of your home. Ceiling insulation reduces the amount of heat that enters your home in summer, minimises the need for air conditioning, and limits heat escaping in winter, which lowers the heating time required to maintain the same internal temperature. New ceiling / wall insulation can be installed directly over old, inadequate insulation to improve the overall rating, or the old insulation can be removed to make way for the new.

    Best Insulation Batts for Ceilings

    If you’re looking for a company that can install both wall and ceiling insulation in Geelong homes, get in touch with Home Insulation for the best ceiling insulation installation service available. We use the best insulation batts for ceilings on the market, and we ensure we use the right ceiling insulation for your home’s specific requirements.

    Available in different materials and ratings, click the products link below for more information on the ceiling insulation batts and insulated ceiling panels we use.

    Key Improvements

    • Keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer
    • Help to reduce energy costs
    • Non-combustible
    • Reduce external noise transfer

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    If you’re searching for a company that offers wall and ceiling insulation installation, Home Insulation can help keep your home feeling warm and comfortable at all times. Get in touch with us today by calling 0402 159 252 or submitting an online enquiry for ceiling insulation in Geelong.

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