Sisalation Foil Insulation

    Sisalation foil insulation is a type of insulation that is wrapped around the outside of a house. It acts as an extra barrier for your home, keeping it protected against changes in temperature, loud noise from outside and draughts.

    At Home Insulation, we boast a team of professional sisalation installers in Geelong. We can install high-quality sisalation foil insulation, residential sisalation building membranes and floor protection paper to insulate your home against outdoor temperatures and unwanted noises. Whether your property needs sisalation on floors or sisalation on walls, we can meet your insulation requirements with our sisalation installation service.

    Residential Sisalation Building Membranes

    As specialist sisalation installers, we have the skills to provide sisalation underfloor insulation and sisalation on walls for Geelong homes. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, great reputation, and ability to provide our customers with environmentally-friendly sisalation foil insulation solutions.

    Key Improvements

    • Protects buildings against temperature fluctuations, noise, moisture and excessive dust
    • Reduces heating and cooling costs
    • Improves energy efficiency
    • No heat will escape during winter
    • No cool air will escape during summer

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